How Does a Social Norms-Based Intervention Affect Behaviour Change? Interim Findings From a Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial in Odisha, India

Publication Year: July 2022

Authors: Erica Sedlander, Ichhya Pant, Jeffrey Bingenheimer, Hagere Yilma, Lipika Patro, Satyanarayan Mohanty, Rohini Ganjoo, Rajiv Rimal

Contributing Organization: BMJ Open

Background: The study investigates how a social norms-based intervention impacts behavior change in Odisha, India, recognizing the role of social norms in shaping individual actions.

Methods: Using a cluster randomized controlled trial, some clusters received the intervention while others served as controls. Data collection likely involved surveys or interviews to assess behavior change before and after the intervention.

Results: Preliminary findings suggest the intervention effectively influenced behavior change among the targeted population, with notable shifts in attitudes, beliefs, or practices observed.

Conclusion: The study offers initial evidence supporting the efficacy of social norms-based interventions in promoting behavior change in Odisha, India, underscoring the importance of addressing social norms in public health initiatives.