Postpartum Care Behavior Improvement during COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Using Mobile-Health Interactive Message

Publication Year: March 2022

Authors: Respati Wulandari, Agus Suwandono, Martha Irene Kartasurya, Sri Achadi Nugraheni

Contributing Organization: Ethiopian Journal of Health Science

Background: A quasi-experimental study conducted in Indonesia amid the COVID-19 pandemic explored the impact of mobile-health (m-health) interactive messages on the postpartum care behaviors of mothers and their husbands.
Methods: The study, comprising treatment and control groups, involved 46 pairs of pregnant women in the third trimester and their husbands in each group. The m-health intervention, delivered through WhatsApp groups, provided digital tools such as flyers, videos, and interactive assistance including consultation, discussion, sharing, and Q&A sessions. The control group received standard counseling from local Community Health Centers. Data collection involved interviews and observations, with analysis conducted using statistical tests including Mann-Whitney, unpaired T-test, Chi-Square, and Fisher Exact tests.
Results: The results revealed significant improvements in areas such as maternal knowledge, attitudes, and practices concerning postpartum visits, early breastfeeding initiation, iron tablet consumption, personal hygiene, nutritional intake, hydration, and recognition of postpartum danger signs.
Conclusion: Notably, the duration of the intervention yielded distinct effects: a 2.5-month intervention bolstered both maternal and paternal knowledge, whereas a 3.5-month intervention primarily influenced maternal attitudes, leaving paternal attitudes unchanged. Moreover, the research underscores challenges such as husbands’ hesitance to ask questions and the perception that maternal and child care are exclusively women’s responsibilities.