Improving iron folic acid consumption through interpersonal communication: Findings from the Reduction in Anemia through Normative Innovations (RANI) project

Publication Year: January 2022

Authors: Rohini Ganjoo, Rajiv N Rimal, Sameera A Talegawkar, Erica Sedlander, Ichhya Pant, Jeffrey B Bingenheimer, Shikha Chandarana, Aika Aluc, Yichen Jin, Hagere Yilma, Bikash Panda

Contributing Organization: ELSEVIER Patient Education and Counseling

Background: The study investigates how interpersonal communication can boost iron folic acid (IFA) consumption as part of the RANI project, aimed at reducing anemia among women of reproductive age in Odisha, India, where more than half of women of reproductive age are anemic.

Methods: Using interpersonal communication methods, the study assessed the impact on participants’ knowledge and behavior regarding iron folic acid supplements. This cluster randomized controlled trial collected longitudinal data from control and intervention communities. Structural equation models assessed the effect of the intervention on IFA use via multiple interpersonal communication pathways.

Results: The study found that interpersonal communication effectively increased iron folic acid consumption among participants, indicating improved awareness and adherence.

Conclusion: Interpersonal communication interventions show promise in addressing anemia by promoting iron folic acid consumption, emphasizing the importance of tailored communication strategies in public health