Differences of family support and iron tablets consumed post pregnant women classes and midwives counseling

Publication Year: March 2019

Authors: Tuti Surtimanah, Evi Noviyanti, Mira Meliyanti

Contributing Organization: Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development

Pages: 381-388

Background: A quasi-experiment conducted in Indonesia examined the difference in family support for pregnant women and the amount of iron tablets consumed after participation in either pregnant mother classes or midwife counseling sessions.

Methods: Sample selection utilized purposive sampling, resulting in two intervention groups: one attending pregnant mother classes and the other receiving midwife counseling. Data collection conducted one month later involved interviews and monitoring of tablet compliance.

Results: Results revealed no significant difference in family support for pregnant women between the two intervention groups. However, consumption of iron tablets with the pregnant women attending classes and receiving counseling demonstrated significantly higher compliance. The findings suggest that while the interventions did not significantly impact family support, they were effective in encouraging pregnant women to adhere to their iron tablet regimen.

Conclusion: Midwife counseling, characterized by interactive communication, appeared particularly influential in promoting behavior change and ensuring maternal compliance. Further research is needed to optimize implementation strategies and explore potential variations in intervention intensity or frequency.