Community approval required for periconceptional adolescent adherence to weekly iron and/or folic acid supplementation: a qualitative study in rural Burkina Faso

Publication Year: March 2018

Authors: Adelaide Compaore, Sabine Gies, Bernard Brabin, Halidou Tinto, Loretta Brabin

Contributing Organization: BioMed Central

Background: This study focused on the necessity of community approval for adolescent adherence to weekly iron and/or folic acid supplementation during the periconceptional period in rural Burkina Faso.

Methods: Using interviews and focus group discussions, the study investigated the beliefs, attitudes, and social norms surrounding periconceptional iron and/or folic acid supplementation among adolescents. Participants included community members, health workers, and adolescents themselves. Thematic analysis was employed to identify key themes and patterns in the data.

Results: The findings revealed that community approval played a crucial role in shaping adolescent adherence behaviors. Adolescents often sought validation from family members, elders, and community leaders before initiating or continuing supplementation. Lack of community endorsement was associated with reluctance or discontinuation of supplementation among adolescents.

Conclusion: Overall, the study underscores the significance of community approval as a determinant of adolescent adherence to periconceptional supplementation in rural Burkina Faso and highlights the importance of culturally sensitive approaches in promoting maternal and child health interventions.