Tewabech Tesfalegn Sheno

​Areas of Expertise:

Nutrition, Social and behavior communication, Program management

Tewabech Tesfalegn Sheno is an experienced program leader who has dedicated over 25 years of her career to working with various local and international NGOs in Ethiopia. Throughout her extensive tenure, she has successfully managed numerous health projects including those focused on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and family planning as well as maternal and child health initiatives across different regions. For the last seven years, Tewabech has contributed her expertise to JHU/CCP, where she held several management positions. She served as regional program manager for a social and behavioral communication project, effectively leading teams and implementing strategies to promote positive health behaviors. Additionally, she served as a senior technical advisor for breakthrough project at the county office providing guidance and support to the regions. Currently, Tewabech holds the esteemed position of project director for a nutrition supplementation research project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Tewabech’s extensive experience is coupled with her unwavering dedication to improving health outcomes in Ethiopia.