Simon Heliso KUKA, DBA, PhD, MA

​Areas of Expertise:

Leadership of integrated development programs, research, teaching (holistic development, leadership, strategic planning), capacity strengthening

Dr. Simon is an international development and management leader with over 25 years of experience in various country contexts such as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Burundi. He has managed projects with budgets over $20 million in various health areas including Reproductive, Maternal and Neonatal and Child Health (RMNCH), Family Planning (FP), Malaria, Nutrition, WASH, TB, zoonotic diseases risk communication, COVID-19 response, and Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention. During the last 8 years, he has led integrated social, and behavior change activities encompassing but not limited to various design-based solutions in media, social mobilization, advocacy, and capacity strengthening. Dr. Simon has a proven track record in leadership research and training, efficient program management of large teams, harmonizing community health and national priorities and building cohesive strategies across multiple partners and stakeholders.