Pratyasha Rath

​Areas of Expertise: Behavioral Research, HCD and Program Design

Pratyasha is a Behavioral Science Lead at Final Mile Consulting and currently leads the RMNCH portfolio at the organization. With over a decade of experience in the development sector, she specializes in applying behavioral science and human-centered design-informed learning to complex problems through experimental research and agile methodologies. In the past 5 years, Pratyasha has led projects in India, Kenya and Nigeria on unpacking, framing, and solutioning for various RMNCH-related areas including maternal and child nutrition, family planning, institutional deliveries and adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Pratyasha has been a part of multiple consortia comprising implementing organizations, CSOs and data science experts, embedding a behavioral science and HCD perspective into large-scale mixed-method studies. She is currently involved in both the Nigeria and India-based nutrition projects under the Crown program, with the Nutrition International and PCI consortia respectively. Pratyasha has been a behavioral science lead in projects with BMGF, USAID, World Bank, CIFF, UNICEF among others, and has a master’s degree in development studies.​